At Reed Boardall, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless cold storage and temperature controlled distribution service to take care of all our customers’ storage and logistics needs. We play a vital role in helping food manufacturers and retailers to keep product on the shelves (or rather in the freezers and chillers!) by efficiently managing stock and delivering products on behalf of our customers.

We offer a range of essential services including chill storage; a chill distribution network; a voice-activated picking system; blast freezing in four specially constructed chambers; up-tempering; and re-packing. For some customers, these services are core requirements while others select them as an add-on to the main storage and distribution function we provide.

With our long experience in the specialist area of frozen food distribution and our in depth understanding of the way in which the UK food industry operates, we are able to offer outstanding service levels which complement food suppliers’ own operations and strengthen their relationships with the leading supermarkets and food service outlets. A key part of our continued success is our commitment to constantly investing in the latest technology to keep us ahead of the competition.

Industry Accreditations

brs2 Certified as Organic by the Soil Association usda iso14001.fw